380 new members in Clyde help take Scouting’s numbers to highest this century

19th April 2012

Annual census: Scout numbers in Clyde now stand at 7,451

Scottish Scouts membership now stands at 41,261

Growth driven by rise in Beaver Scouts (aged 6-8) – 161 joining in past year

380 new Scouts in the past twelve months in Clyde have helped take the number in the country to its highest this century. The news comes as details of The Scout Association’s annual census are published today.

Scouting in Scotland has grown 4% in the past twelve months, helping take total Scottish membership to 41,261. Total numbers in Clyde now stand at 7,451. This impressive surge in membership - the sixth consecutive year of expansion - has helped cement Scouting’s position as the largest co-educational youth organisation in the country.

A large part of this growth is due to the number of young people in Clyde joining, with 354 young people aged 6-25 signing up in the past year. Nationally, 1400 members aged 6 to 25 have signed up in this period.

The Scout Association believes that the reasons for this growth are twofold.

Firstly, Scouting provides an enormous range of adventures for young people, allowing them to experience the great outdoors. In the UK Members can enjoy more than 200 activities including zorbing, water skiing, abseiling and adventure glider flights.

Secondly, Scouting offers an environment for young people to achieve their full potential as individuals and responsible citizens. When joining up, all Scouts promise to do their best and help other people. These principles are reflected in the range of community work that Scout groups undertake week in-week out.

An independent report unveiled last year showed that Scouting can positively impact both individuals and local communities. For example, 41% of employers say Scouting experience positively influenced their decision to employ job applicants while 40% of voluntary groups surveyed would not be able to get the same amount of work done if Scouts had not been involved.

In keeping with the increasing popularity of Scouting, the charity also has a waiting list of 265 young people across Clyde who would like to participate, and offers flexible volunteering opportunities for adults who would like to help address this while also developing their own skills across a wide range of areas.

Regional Commissioner and lead volunteer in Clyde, Stuart Imrie said "We are thrilled to see that Clyde Region has grown for the fifth consecutive year. We are also pleased that we are growing quicker than the UK and Scottish average. We believe this is due to the focused efforts of our volunteers to grow Scouting in existing communities and to offer it in new places.

We are achieving our goal of spreading the fun, friendship, adventure and personal development opportunities that we offer in Scouting to more young people and adult volunteers.

We are proud that our organisation is producing confident, capable and well-rounded young people and adults while giving opportunities for our older members to develop and increase their own skill sets. We are particularly grateful to our many adult volunteers who make this all possible."

Chief Scout Bear Grylls said "It is so great to see Scout numbers rising in Clyde and a big reason for this is the number of teenagers joining the adventure. More and more young people are realising that Scouting offers them so much - whether it’s the opportunity to go on a big international adventure or the chance to learn and hone vital life skills. There truly is something for everyone in the world of scouting."

Author: Gavin Holt


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