An evening under water for East Kilbride Explorers

16th March 2010

Ever wondered what its like to breathe underwater?

A group of Explorer Scouts from the 6th East Kilbride found out when they spent an evening on the PADI Discover Scuba Diving course.

Whilst not an actual scuba certification; during the Discover Scuba Diving experience the Scouts learnt how to use scuba equipment in shallow water and get a quick and easy introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world. The evening saw everyone complete their Scout Water Sports Activity Badge.

Explorer Scouts from the 6th East Kilbride trying out Scuba Diving

One of the Scouts to take part, Scott said 'There is nothing like breathing underwater for the very first time. It takes a little getting used to; after all, human beings weren't designed to do that - but very shortly I found it really easy.'

The biggest challenge the Aquatron instructors had with the Scouts was not coaxing them into the water, but coaxing them out when the course was over.

Explorer Scouts from the 6th East Kilbride trying out Scuba Diving

Aquatron are currently offering a two for one price for Scout Groups. This gives a cost of £12.50 for each Scout/Explorer and Leader and it's a great way to spend an evening. What's more, you can complete an Activity badge.

Explorer Scouts from the 6th East Kilbride trying out Scuba Diving

For more information, visit the Aquatron website at

Thanks to John Anderson from the 6th East Kilbride for this story.

Author: Gary Bainbridge


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