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  • Elections to the Regional Executive Committee - 2021/22

    17th September 2021

    Could you help shape direction or make a difference to Scouting in Clyde Region?

    We're looking for volunteers to stand for election to the Regional Executive Committee and become a Trustee of the Charity.

    What's the Regional Executive Committee, do I have anything to offer and what might I get out of it?

    All good questions! So, the formal bit.

    The Regional Executive Committee is responsible for managing the affairs of the Region, for supporting the Regional Commissioner in meeting the responsibilities of his appointment and for providing support for Scout Districts, Groups, Explorer Scout Units and Scout Network Units across the Region.

    But what does that mean in practice?

    The committee meets four times a year and is responsible for overseeing the running of The Glasgow Scout Shop, Auchengillan Outdoor Centre and the regional office. In addition, it sets a development plan or strategy to look at how we might support local Scouting. The committee discusses potential new developments for Auchengillan Outdoor Centre and ideas for events and activities, gets updates on accounts and budgets for all operations and manages risk (anything bad) that we might be exposed to.

    We also look at challenges that are occurring within Scouting and how we can support more young people, regardless of their background to be given the opportunity to join Scouting. Lots of people don't realise it but members of the Executive Committee are to some extent overseeing a business with a turnover of more than £1million per year.

    But I've never been on a board or a committee before?

    That doesn't matter, we can train and support you to grow in to the role. You'll get an induction training evening with the Chair and Secretary and then we'll discuss what other skills you feel would be useful to you. Additionally, some people opt to join committees because of skills that they already have in management, governance, communications, HR or risk management. It's good to have a mixture of experienced and new members.

    So, interested?

    We have 3 vacancies this year, 1 of which will be a 1 year commitment and 2 of which will be a 3 year commitment.

    Whilst anyone who is eligible can opt to stand for election, we're keen to encourage applications from adult leaders and Scout Network members aged 18 to 23 as we would like two of our trustees from that age group and it would be good to increase our female representation on the committee as well.For an informal chat about the role, you can contact Gary in the regional office.

    For more information about the nomination process, click here.

    Complete a nomination form or self nomination, which should be returned to Scott Ballantyne by 17 October 2021.

    Author: Gary Bainbridge

  • Supporting Outdoors & Adventure in Clyde - join our team

    1st June 2021

    As COVID restrictions continue to ease, we're all very much looking forward to returning to doing more adventurous activities outdoors.

    Would you like to be part of our team, helping to support this?

    We're looking to recruit a Regional Adviser (Activities) and a Manager of the Activities Permit Scheme to provide advice and support to adult volunteers in Groups and Districts across the Region.

    Our Regional Adviser (Activities) will:

    • Provide the Region with effective support in order to enable more young people to safely experience more activities.
    • Provide a focus for specialist advice and support in relation to the activities area, to other members of the Regional Team and those in the Region and its Districts. 
    • Proactively promote and develop the activity area within the Region.
    • Provide assistance and guidance to leaders in all areas of the activities agenda.

    More details of the role can be found here.

    The Manager of the Activities Permit Scheme will:

    • Identify and support potential Assessors in taking up the role and induct new Assessors into their role.
    • Provide continued support to County Assessors within their role.
    • Provide opportunities for assessors to shadow and work with different assessors and to meet and discuss previous assessments.
    • Manage the availability of permit assessments.
    • Work with MAPS from across Scotland to co-ordinate support and opportunities.
    • Support those applying for activity permits in finding the opportunities required.
    • Support DC's with their role within the activity permit scheme.
    • Ensure Continued Professional Development (CPD) opportunities and CPD for all Assessors.
    • Carry out reviews of Assessors when their appointments are up for review.
    • Carry out an annual moderation of the County permit scheme provision by the end of each January.

    More details of the role can be found here.

    The two roles can be held by one volunteer who has a passion for activities and great administration skills or by two volunteers working together.

    If you are interested in either of these roles, please contact Marion or Gary for further discussions.

    Author: Gary Bainbridge

  • Could you help support the trail to Squirrels?

    1st June 2021


    Scouting is now beginning to gather interest to be a part of the first cohorts of Squirrels, our new early years provision.

    We know that volunteers have many other priorities and Squirrels might not be one of them at the moment but we're keen to to make sure that there's the right support in place to, particularly in communities where Scouting is currently under-represented.

    To help us do this, we're looking to appoint an Early Years Adviser who will work with the Regional Commissioner and District Teams, supporting discussions and local planning.

    The Early Years Adviser will be a member of the Regional Team who'll be a fixed term primary point of contact with the HQ Early Years team and who will help all of us to start preparations for Squirrel Scouting. The role is not to advocate for early years or to deliver the opening of new provision, but will support Districts to consider if the time is right for them to start or not.

    The Early Years 'Adviser' will:

    • Be trained on Squirrel Scouting, the cohort roll out approach, what has been learnt from the pilots, support and tools available, badges and programme, recruitment of young people and adult volunteers, via webinars.
    • Be provided with reports and insight data on current reach into areas of deprivation and under-represented communities for your County.
    • Plan for new provision to prioritise communities where Scouting is currently under-represented, especially SIMD 1-5 and Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities
    • Help with initial preparation and planning providing a pathway for others in the County who'll be opening provision in future years.
    • Receive ongoing support from the HQ Early Years team with opportunities to share learning and best practice, that shape the national approach and digital tools developed.
    • Bring your District teams together to facilitate accurate and informed conversations on Squirrel Scouting and establish initial level of interest. Where Districts decide they want to start new provision this year they'll hold discussions with their own Groups and update their District plans if appropriate.

    If you are interested in this role, please  contact Marion or Gary for further discussions.

    Author: Gary Bainbridge

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